Modern Designs!

Modern Designs!
Modern Designs!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Modern Design!

Do you love the look of sleek, uncluttered, and clean lines in a home? We see lots of trends toward a fresh and clean style in design, whether it’s in its architecture, interior design, or its furnishings. Almost any contemporary trend today reflects Mid-Century Modern Style. Furniture that pre-dated the 1950s used decorative flourishes and detail, while mid-century modern designers found beauty in lines that were sleek, organized, and orderly. Smooth lines exemplified the freshness these designers wished to model in their designs. But there’s really no such thing, it appears as a one-story modern home these days.  Most architects use a small footprint and then build up to provide views of our lakes, mountains, and skylines throughout Seattle.
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I had the opportunity to go on Seattle’s 2016 Modern Home Tour last Saturday with Autumn Donavan and Patty Koskovich, two interior designer friends. We spent the day touring six homes in the Seattle area with striking similarities.  
Architect: Michelle Lanker, Lanker Design LLC
Designer: Gloria Andrade
David Coleman Architecture

Susan Jones Architecture

Robert Bonner Design
Hybrid Architecture & Barcelo Homes
Malboeuf Bowie Architecture

We toured one 3 story houseboat (and the bottom floor was mostly under water on Lake Union) that was amazing on many levels, as well as homes that were at least 4 stories of minimalist design that was made of environmentally friendly materials.  

A Murphy bed pulls out of the wall.

Here's a bedroom in the lower floor- mostly under water.

You never know when you might need a beer!

Planters float on top of the water.

Nana windows open up the master suite & a small hot tub
sits on the deck.

Contemporary staircase features steel & metal girders.

This home had many nooks and crannies with unusual angles that wouldn't be my choice of great feng shui, but it was interesting.

Most had rooftop decks that provided an opportunity to enjoy nature and in some cases views of our beautiful Lake Washington, Lake Union, the Olympic mountains or Mt. Rainier.

Colorwise, the theme seemed to be white, with splashes of warm wood tones a bit of black.

Pickled oak flooring provided a neutral backdrop with white walls & ceiling.

Grey hexagonal patterned marble backsplash

In conclusion
Next week, we'll bring a historical perspective to the Modern movement with Mid-Century modern trends- the place this all began.  If you are one of those who loves this sleek, clean and uncluttered look, write back with your thoughts, ideas or pictures below. You can also give me a call and we’ll discuss your project. I’d love to hear from you!   Transformations for Interiors

Monday, April 25, 2016

Elevate Your Life with Home Projects that Pay You Back

For most people, the home they own is their biggest asset.  If you’re thinking about selling your home, buying new, downsizing, upsizing, or moving, you want to maximize your gain.  Part of that means laying out some cash in order to give your place the curb appeal it needs to sell quickly and at a high price.  Maybe you know you’re going to want to sell in five to ten years when you marry, start your family, have another child, get your dream job in another city, have the kids go off to school, or are retiring.  That’s a little different scenario, I grant you, because then you may want to upgrade the kitchen, your bathroom, or build an addition on to your existing home so that you might first appreciate these improvements before selling them to someone else to enjoy.

Good news! 

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value survey, you’re likely to get 6.7% higher return on average for home-improvement projects than you did last year.

More good news!  

Where home prices are high and job growth is great, (and that’s Seattle/Bellevue and its surrounds) you can look forward to a higher compensation according to Craig Webb, editor of Remodeling.  The national average on return at resale for 30 projects surveyed was 64% (up from 62% in 2015.)  In other words, you got $64 return on your $100 investment, if the house was sold in a year.

What brings in the most return in midrange remodels?  
  • Attic insulation brought in over 150% of the investment.
  • Wood deck addition brought in almost 107%.
  • A fiberglass entry door replacement brought in 104%.
  • A steel entry door replacement brought in nearly 128%.
  • A garage door replacement brought in nearly 137%.
  • Manufactured stone veneer facade (like wainscoting) on the exterior brought in nearly 143%.
  • Minor kitchen remodel costing nearly $22,000 brought in over 104% of the investment.

What returns the most in upscale remodels?  
  • A garage door replacement brought in almost 142% of the investment.

The Personal Enjoyment Factor

Are you willing to pay a little more to savor the new amenities during the years between now and your current home’s resale?  If so, then consider these figures from the Survey:
  • An upscale Bathroom remodel costing $61,383 will bring you over 85% return on investment.
  • An upscale major Kitchen remodel costing $125,781 will bring you over 82% return.
  • A midrange Basement remodel costing $77,469 will bring you over 94% return on investment.
  • A midrange Bathroom remodel costing $20,161 will bring you nearly 88% return.
  • A midrange Kitchen remodel costing $64,981 will bring you nearly 83% return.
  • A midrange Family Room addition costing $95,507 will bring you over 88% return.

In conclusion:

So… now is the time whether it’s a new addition, remodeled kitchen, remodeled bathroom, adding a deck, or... many other options. Whether you've been thinking about it for years, months or even days, now is the time. You will ask yourself why you waited so long when it’s complete and you’re enjoying your new amenities. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions regarding your project. Clients in the greater Puget Sound area have experienced the benefit of hiring a professional to help with this process. Think about it and contact me when you're ready. Transformations for Interiors